About Me


Alexis Gault- Dedicated to Yoga since 2001

I was introduced to the Tantric system of asanas and meditation  in 2001, and found relief from clinical depression through my regular personal practice.  The incredible healing I experienced inspired me to take the Yoga Teacher Training offered through Ananda Marga, the Self-Actualization and Social Service organization created by Indian Guru, P.R. Sarkar, (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti), in 1955.  I completed my training in 2005, and have been continuing to study the philosophy, ethics and asana of this ancient system of Yoga that addresses the emotional, physical and mental layers of the mind, and for those open to it, the spiritual, as well.  

     Currently, I focus on the therapeutic aspects of Yoga for clients on an individual basis.  I have experience working with clients with Multiple Sclerosis, cancer survivors and those seeking to maintain and improve general health and well-being.  


Private Clients 2014-present

Spanish Language Learning Academy: June 2018-Present.

Sliding scale public class: 2005-2012.

Ardenwoods Retirement Center 2008-2014.

Introductory classes, workshops  and presentations to groups and conference attendees. 2008-2014 

Assistant to Kristine Kaoverii Weber, Subtle Yoga Teacher Training, 2007.


Vanderbilt School of Nursing Health Coaching Certification Program.

Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher Training-Completed 2005.

B.A. in Psychology, University of North Carolina-Asheville, 1998, Honors in Major.



-Developed numerous class series to address issues from addiction to processing trauma/grief, healing depression and dealing with anxiety.

-Created a healing space in public class that drew faithful students who progressed through physical, mental and emotional challenges, becoming more energetic, loving toward themselves,  and free of past obsessions and habits. 

-Created an Introduction to Tantra Yoga for new audiences. 

-Customized therapeutic asanas for individual clients to achieve mental and physical health goals. 


To spread the awareness that Yoga is not just for those who are already flexible and fit.  I meet students at their ability, awakening their confidence and expanding their expectations of what they can do.  I enjoy creating personalized programs for the needs of groups or individuals.  I am particularly interested in sharing the healing benefits of Yoga for greater emotional and mental health. 

An invitation

I welcome your questions and feedback!  Please let me know how I can help you feel your best.